Ascendant Capricorn

Law and order is very important for the development and her conceptions of social life.
Ascendant Capricorn | Photo: © zhukovvvlad -

Persons with ascendant in Capricorn represent duteousness and responsibility. Capricorns individuality is cool, rational, objective, analytic and ambitioned. Her emotional level is low and has no interest to show her inner side. But for her role in society she has good cards that it is providing a convenient opportunity for her facility.

Law and order is very important for the development and her conceptions of social life. Being normal is a confession and she pursues structures and unequivocal commitment. For her it is the base to live together in peace. Sheer coincidence and spontaneity is not her part. All things have to be planned and there is nothing that is suspending her plan. She defers her own needs and room for herself or other individuals she likes to neglect and refuses to accept. There is a small and narrow frame which has to be filled and ideas must not necessarily be represented and performed.

Positive characteristics:

Serious, grounded, practical, reliable, factual, cool, taciturn, meritocratic, capable, patting, efficient, competitive related, focused.

Negative aspects:

Illiberal, bigot, cruel, unremorseful, vindictively, malicious, resentful, dishonest, mendacious, narrow, intolerant.

The descendent is Cancer and therewith ascendant Capricorn shows how to learn being more emotional. Maybe then she lives it up and realizes to define personal objectives and general objectives go hand in hand and melt into one. By and by Capricorn gives up her privacy and personal distance and gains the ability to become more open minded referring to her considerately behaviour that supports the surroundings.

In professional life ascendant Capricorn is mainly successful. Her ambitious and duteous acting adopts her for management functions. Common sense and ambitious strategy by her management function provides success and makes a team ambitious.

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