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Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising – A Pioneer of Truth

This Person Will Be a Powerhouse of Ideas
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Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising

Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising – A Pioneer of Truth

Sagittarius is known to be active, freedom-loving, and a seeker of truth and wisdom. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is associated with the centaur Chiron, who gave up immortality to take the place of troubled Prometheus in the underworld. Due to his brave and selfless act, Zeus rewarded him by placing him in the sky to shine as a hero.


Aries is associated with Ares, the god of war and battle. He was the son of Zeus and Hera and is also associated with his love, Aphrodite, who bore him four divine sons and a daughter. These two are masculine Fire signs, so this person will have abundant energy and be a born leader. Sagittarius is mutable, so easy-going and adaptable, while Aries is Cardinal, a go-getter.

How to Recognize Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising

Sagittarius Sun Aries Ascendants are often blessed with good proportions and oval faces with well-defined cheekbones and foreheads. In addition, they are often quite boho in appearance, with a look of effortless chic that would look strange on someone else. However, they like to choose colors to wear that are bold and relate to fire, such as reds, oranges, and yellows.

They may also have long, lean legs and necks, and be quite athletic in appearance as well, with strong, well-defined muscles. You’ll often find them walking around town in workout gear. They may also have a hint of red in their hair.


Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising Career

Brimming with self-confidence, this person will be a powerhouse of ideas, strong leadership and networking skills, a 'can-do attitude, and a bundle of passion.

They might be attracted to careers that allow them to travel, take charge of large projects, or lead by defining a dynamic vision.

With Virgo as their 6th house, they are highly organized, hard-working, efficient, capable, and may like working for a large organization or helping others. On the other hand, Capricorn's stable influence in their 10th house of career will make them ambitious and reliable, whichever path they choose.

They may follow careers in business, where they are the CEOs or head managers, military careers where they rise in the ranks pretty fast, personal trainers who enjoy working with their clients outside in nature, or even enjoy livelihoods as surgeons or veterinarians. They may also lead a life in the media.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising Health

Their 6th house of health is ruled by Virgo, so a Sagittarius Sun Aries Ascendant may be quite a health-conscious person. They may like to eat healthily and maintain good daily routines. They may suffer from indigestion from time to time.


They might suffer from headaches, as Aries rules the head, so staying well hydrated and dealing with stress build-up is essential. In addition, they will need an active way to discharge excess tension, such as sports, boxing, dancing, or aerobics.

Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, and upper legs, so regular exercise in these areas will be beneficial.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising Love

This person flies close to the Sun, so you might want to check your wings before jumping on board! They will need an active partner who can be spontaneous, open, equally independent, and a little forgiving here and there. In return, they will offer an exciting life full of adventure and passion, with never a dull moment.

With Libra ruling their 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage, and Venus as ruler, this person likes to go all in when it comes to romance. So, they would suit a Libra, who can show them how to give and take, and compromise, or a fun-loving Leo will hit the right spot and get this person.


Aquarius will make good friends but perhaps not lovers as they are too cool and detached for this red-hot lover. On the other hand, Capricorn might be too serious and reserved, and Cancer might find they are too much to handle
Virgo and Taurus don’t work too well here, and neither do Scorpio and Pisces. There is a lot of instant attraction with Geminis, other Sagittarians, and Aries.   

How Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as an Aries rising, they should be on fire right out of the gate, leaping out of bed with enthusiasm and preparing themselves to lead into battle.

Before they set out to conquer the world with courage and vigor, this person should take five minutes to pray and give thanks for the day ahead. They will enjoy an hour of cardio followed by a quick, hot shower. Afterward, they should prepare a decent and hearty breakfast, full of protein and good fats, such as avocado toast with eggs, as they are so active and boisterous and need the extra calories.


They should spend a few minutes in the sun absorbing Vitamin D before popping on some good music and driving to work to start their day!

Famous Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising People

These individuals made the most of this fiery combo by achieving great success in life - much-loved American actress and singer Bette Midler, and American singer, songwriter, and musician, known as an innovator of rock and roll, the late Little Richard. Included in this list are also the late successful American entertainer Sammy Davis Jr, and late 19th-century US President Franklin Pierce.


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