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Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising – Glass Half Full

Glass Half Full
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Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising
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Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising – Glass Half Full

This individual will carry strong Sagittarian energy in terms of both their inner being and how they present themselves to the world. They will be gregarious, optimistic and open minded, with a love of life, freedom and adventure.


In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is represented by the centaur Chiron, who bravely gave up his mortality to take the place of troubled Prometheus in the underworld. The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, also known as Zeus, the greatest god of all and associated with benevolence and expansion.  

Sagittarius is a masculine, Mutable, and flexible Fire sign, so this person will be a go-getter, leader and an inspiration.

How to Recognize Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarians are often strong, tall, athletic and lean, with large hips, long shapely legs, oval faces, large, bright eyes and strongly defined bone structure. They will be striking and attractive, with youthful, happy features and a positivity and warmth that radiates outwards.

They are often quite bohemian, favoring their own styles of dress that somehow works out for them. Their sassy style cannot be copied, as they will often team items that don’t typically go together, that only they can manage to get away with. This is how you will most easily spot them, as they like to stand out.


Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Career

With their Sagittarian vision, this person is likely dynamic, powerful and inspirational. They will be target driven, open minded, and intellectual, with the willpower to accomplish whatever they set out to.

The 6th house of Sagittarius Rising is Taurus, so they may have a love of the natural environment, gardening, catering or perhaps they will be attracted to a lucrative career in banking or finance.

Their 10th house is ruled by Virgo, so they are service-driven and perfectionists in their chosen career, which may also deal with animals or healthcare.

In any case, Sagittarius enjoys freedom, travel and a busy lifestyle. They are pioneers, go-getters and natural leaders. They may also wish to consider work in travel, tourism, philosophy, media, sports, music or entertainment. They will be successful in whatever they do.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Health

The health zone for a Sagittarius ascendant is Taurus, so this person may have a sweet tooth they will need to watch out for, they may also find they need to switch off sometimes and indulge in a spot of laziness to relax and recalibrate.


As Sagittarius rules the upper legs, hips and thighs, they will likely find walking to be both a good form of exercise and method of relaxation, so they should take care to take their recommended steps each day. They might also enjoy running, cycling, dancing or any active sport that helps them discharge excess energy.

They should drink plenty of water throughout the day and definitely avoid excess alcohol, as Sagittarius also rules the liver.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Love

In love, this person is exciting, passionate and honest and favors a partner who allows them space and freedom to explore. Their opposite sign is Gemini, who they will find sparks with, but they may find them too opinionated sometimes or even too chatty.

Aries will bring them fun and frivolity, which they will love, and Aquarius will get along well with them well. Taurus and Virgo might work well in business but be too boring as lovers, and Libra will be a good friend to them, which could become more.

Pisces will feel like home, and Capricorn will help them feel secure. Cancer and Scorpio might be too deep and emotional, whilst Leo will help them explore the world, which they simply love to do.


How Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Sagittarius rising, these people like their mornings to be active and spontaneous. They should offer a gratitude prayer or meditation immediately upon waking. They will then jump out of bed ready to be active and begin working on their goals.

They may wish to start the day with a glass of warm water containing a slice of lemon, as Sagittarius rules the liver, and this will kick start their system and help flush out toxins.

Sagittarius is full of energy, so they might spend some time working out, walking in nature, running, or ten minutes on an exercise bike to get their endorphins pumping and their legs moving. They should opt for a healthy breakfast, as they need lots of energy and fuel inside them to power them through the morning.

Driving to work, they will probably listen to loud, upbeat music to get themselves into a positive mindset.

Famous Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising People


These dynamic double Sagittarians have achieved massive fame and fortune in their lives. Brad Pitt is a hunky world-famous American actor and producer, as was the late American actor Ray Liotta, who sadly died in 2022.

In music, the American musician, singer and songwriter Jimi Hendrix had a massive influence as a guitarist, and there’s also stunning actress Scarlett Johansson. Noam Chomsky is an influential political activist, author, linguist and philosopher, and Bruce Lee was a world-renowned Chinese martial artist, philosopher and actor.


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