Zodiac Sign Aquarius (21th January - 19th February)  | Photo: © © Laszlo - stock.adobe.com

Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Aquarius are optimistic and helpful
Zodiac Sign Aquarius (21th January - 19th February)  | Photo: © © Laszlo - stock.adobe.com

Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Aquarius are optimistic and helpful Scroll down

Facts about Aquarius

Birthday: 21st January – 19th February

Predominant Planet: Uranus

Gender: Male

Element: Air

Temperament: Sanguine

Type: philanthropist, cognitive, cosmic, modernizer, renovator

Physical equivalence: shank, leg, ankle joint, knuckle, calf and circulation

Zodiac Sign Aquarius

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When you meet a person like this, you feel somehow inspired and elated. The Aquarius (sign: ♒) appears as a friendly person who is always on the move. Primarily in public, the Aquarius presents a helpful and kind aspect – but one-on-one the Aquarius has another side of self-knowledge. They seem to have many ideas to propose and adopt them to each opportunity. They possess freedom-loving parts, and they show various talents. But – so far they love their freedom and liberty, and hence they grant these attributes to one another. 

Preponderantly Aquarius people create the impression to be sublime and arrogant – headed by intellectual or maybe spiritual abilities. Aquarius people prefer friends who are merely useful – friends that are not helpful, the Aquarius hardly feeds them. Aquarius treat the reputation for being self-opinionated but they are masters of tactics – so they are skilled in changing their opinion and making up their minds regularly.

Their light and strong performance combined with an intuitive sense for moments create a rather pleasant coeval.

They aware their talents and seem to find their way. They tend to support other people – often caused by idealistic reasons without greed for profits.They just need some friends – but they prefer influential persons – Aquarius people are convinced that they could handle every situation. They are positive people. There is no great fear towards future or changes from the past.

They believe in faith. They are hospitable ones and innovate what they like to share and discover. They need their freedom like the air that they breathe. Rules and regulations – they do not need them? Their great strength is to reorder conditions. The disadvantage is not to remain true to anything. Their power – the ability to form new concepts – alternates between restlessness. In the case of calming down or cooling down relationships – there is no fault later in such a relationship could be bloomed anew. Just in case of being mistaken for unsuitable narrow-minded persons.

Strengths of Aquarius

strenuous, determined, freelance, liberal, independent, non-conventional, progressive, creative, enthusiastic, bright, idealistic and sensitive.    

Weaknesses of Aquarius

restless, distracted, extravagant, disloyal, untrue, fanatic, stubborn, immoral, depraved, mutinous, confused and frantic.

Famous Aquarius
Jack Lemmon, Clark Gable, Jeanne Moreau, Hazy Osterwald, Somerset Maugham, Norman Mailer, Christian Dior, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln, Juliette Greco, Hedwig Courts-Mahler, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Franz Schubert, Galileo Galilei

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