Cancer Sun Leo Rising

Cancer Sun Leo Rising - The "Hidden" Star

This Cancerian Secretly Loves to Shine
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Cancer Sun Leo Rising
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Cancer is ruled by the Moon while Leo is ruled by the Sun. In Greek mythology Artemis (goddess of the Moon) and her brother Apollo (god of the Sun) remained close to one another throughout their lives and enjoyed hunting together.

Artemis is the goddess of the forest and hills, the wilderness, wild animals, childbirth and virginity, while Apollo is the god of healing and diseases, archery, music and dance, as well as light.


There is much to a Cancer Sun Leo Ascendant. Although Cancer is an introverted sign that can be shy at times, Leo is an extroverted sign that enjoys the spotlight and being creative and making a mark in this world. The two balance each other well , like a supportive brother holding up his shy sister and letting her shine.

How to Recognize Cancer Sun Leo Rising

In general, this person will have a really healthy head of hair. They also usually have a large forehead and walk gracefully . They may even have feline features and appear bold and confident and wear clothes that draw attention and stand out in different shades of red and purple. Purple is particularly attractive to this combination as it represents royalty, just like the Lion (which represents Leo), King of the jungle.

Cancer Sun Leo Rising Career

With this combination, Taurus rules the 10th House of career. This directs the career towards accumulating as much money as possible and involving oneself in a career of finance, real estate, music or food . Capricorn rules the 6th House of everyday work so this person needs to be an authority in their career and needs to lead and be in charge. They will have enormous ambition to get to the top and will enjoy operating every day in structured settings and environments.


Cancer Sun Leo Rising Love

This combination is very passionate about love and wants a relationship full of fun lovemaking and generosity . They also want a family full of plenty of children. Aquarius rules the 7th House of relationships, marriage and love so they are attracted to people that are highly sociable and are able to elevate their lives and lifestyles to a very high level. They will usually date people who can improve their lives. They are attracted to Cancers and Leos and make good friends with Geminis and Virgos. There is magnetic attraction to Aquarians, especially those with Venus and/or Mars in Pisces and/or Aries, and they enjoy the company of Pisceans and Aries. They find Sagittarians very adventurous, and Librans make them curious, and they definitely enjoy their natural physical beauty. There is much erotic arousal with Scorpios.  

Cancer Sun Leo Rising Health

This combination has Capricorn ruling their 6th House of health. This means that bones must be taken care of with the appropriate exercise, vitamins, minerals and nutrition . It’s also important for them to get their teeth cleaned and checked at least once a year. Knees and joints need be taken special care of with lots of warming up and cooling down before and after exercise. Lots of luxurious food will be enjoyed, so there may be a chance of weight gain and heart-healthy food is best with lots of cardiovascular exercise applied.


How Cancer Sun Leo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so a Cancer Sun Leo Ascendant needs to be creative in the morning and wake up happy . They can be creative in the breakfast they make to the exercise they choose and the clothes they wear for the day. They enjoy the Sun, a nice cup of coffee and listening to fun music to get their day started.

Famous Cancer Sun Leo Rising People

The list of famous people with this combination is quite unique! It includes business mogul and entrepreneur, Richard Branson, pop princess, Selena Gomez, multi-Academy-Award-winner, Meryl Streep, the late Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, American actor, Tobey Maguire, the late American celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, the late German-language fiction writer, Franz Kafka, and Pakistani education activist, Malala Yousafzai.    


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