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Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising

They Make an Impression, Wherever They Go
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Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising
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Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising

In this combination Venus and Jupiter meet in a heavenly arrangement. In Greek mythology, Venus is ruled by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, while Jupiter is Zeus, the “father” god and most powerful god of all.

Aphrodite is all about harmony, love affairs, marriage and relationships, while Zeus is about expansion, luck, the abandonment of boundaries, the media and publishing, and joviality.


Libra is a male, Cardinal, Air sign, while Sagittarius is a male, Mutable, Fire sign. Together, a Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising equates to a person who is social, loves to be around others, adores harmony and can affect many people with their charm and skills.    

How to Recognize Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising

This person may exude a lot of sensuality and sexuality. The women are often blonde, or have long black hair. These people express themselves beautifully and are usually quite calm by nature. You will see them wearing black, and neutral colors, as well as jeans.

They always look immaculate and always make an impression, wherever they go. They may have large hips and thighs, and are often very beautiful and have an influence on others who want to copy their looks and look just as beautiful as them. They are not particularly tall.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Career

Here is the ultimate PR (public relations) pro. They know how to make important connections and create the biggest parties for their clients. They make good spokespeople, and are great self-promoters for social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Of course, marketing and sales comes naturally, and they can be the head of any marketing department.  


Virgo rules their 10th house of health and Taurus rules their 6th house of everyday work. Therefore, work relating to the animal, health and nutrition and medical world will be found. These people may be estate agents, self-esteem coaches, dieticians, singers or even dabble in the gambling world where they either work for gaming tech companies, or literally work in casinos at tables, or even in management, or the social/PR side of it. They may also have a career as a jockey or dabble in professional horse race gambling.

They definitely attract careers in the media and publishing world, and any magazines around beauty and marriage will suit them well. Their naturally happy vibe attracts many careers where they naturally need to smile, so cruise director, and hotel management will also suit them.

They also make wonderful professors and teachers. They can easily open beauty, modeling and make-up schools and can become models and actors. They also make great authors, chefs and caterers. It is easy for this combination to do well on social media advertising their cooking or baking skills, or even publishing books that cover this. They also make good divorce lawyers and marriage/relationship therapists. They are naturally lucky and should always feel confident to ask for a competitive salary. 

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Health


This combination may have skin problems, such as psoriasis. They need to avoid drinking too much alcohol, as it can affect their kidneys. It’s very important for them to limit their intake of food, as it is hard for them to literally stop eating, as there are no boundaries here – especially since Taurus rules their 6th house. Therefore, they need to swap their junk food snacks for healthy alternatives such as hummus with carrots and cucumbers. They must also drink a lot of water to flush their kidneys.

Their hips naturally expand easily, and they need to focus on this area and their thighs doing lunges and weight lifting to keep them in good shape. They may gather cellulite around this area easily as well, so it’s important for them to eat cucumbers, drink water and scrub their thighs with a good exfoliator and use special creams to target the area.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Love

This is a lucky combination, right? In fact, this is the luckiest love combination of all – so these people will always be in a relationship. They attract others easily. However, their best matches lie with other Air and Fire Signs.


Therefore, their best matches are Librans, Aquarians, Geminis, Sagittarians, Leos and Aries. Virgos and Scorpios make great friends, as well as certain Capricorns. Aries rules their 7th house of health, so they are naturally very attracted to this sign and Aries actually make ideal partners for them!

Virgo is not a good match here – as Virgo is all about the finer details in life and a Sagittarius rising is all about the larger picture in life. Their general outlook is too different. Taurus, although also ruled by Venus, is too much of a homebody and doesn’t make a great match for independent and adventurous Sagittarius Rising. The same applies to Cancerians.

There will be a lot of commonalities with Pisces and a great friendship and love affair – but Pisces carries too much drama (in a good way), sensitivity and emotion for this combination.

How Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Sagittarius rising, this person needs to wake up happy – so no boring alarm ringtones for them. They need to wake up to an upbeat ringtone that immediately puts them in a good mood. They should then offer a gratitude prayer and get ready for the day!


It’s a great idea for them to start the day with a work out, to naturally release serotonin in their brains and put them in a super mood, and then have a nice hot shower. They should spend time with their pets and go through social media to keep up with what’s going on around them.

They should eat a healthy and heart breakfast, and get to work with a skip to their beat and a cup of coffee, or smoothie in their hands.

Famous Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising People

The list of famous Libra Sun Sagittarius Ascendants includes one of the most famous, beautiful and most influential celebrities of all – Kim Kardashian. One of the biggest hip-hop stars of all time, Eminem, is included on this list, as well as Welsh-born American actress Catherine-Zeta Jones.

One of the most beautiful French actresses and models, Brigitte Bardot, also makes this list. Israel’s ex- prime minister, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, is also a Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising. He led Israel through many wars, and was the longest-serving prime minister Israel has ever had. The late first lady of America, Eleanor Roosevelt, also makes this list, as well as German philosopher Martin Heidegger.      




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