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Taurus Sun Leo Rising - The Proud Queen or King

A person with this combination will always buy the most luxurious and aesthetically pleasing objects that money can buy.
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Taurus Sun Leo Rising
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A person with this combination will always buy the most luxurious and aesthetically pleasing objects that money can buy. It is essential that people see that their money is spent on the most luxurious cars, watches, clothes, bags, perfumes, accessories, and homes.

There are two strong figures at play – Apollo (the Sun – the god of music, poetry, art, Sun and light and ruler of Leo) and Aphrodite (Venus – the goddess of Love who rules Taurus). Blend the two energies, and you have someone who lives the high life! They love everything good that life has to offer, and they will go out of their way to make sure they have more than enough money to have every desire they please.


How to Recognize a Taurus Sun Leo Rising

On the outside, a Taurus with a Leo Ascendant stands out with attractive features – strong cheekbones, beautiful hair, and a powerful presence. They will incorporate red into their appearance on certain days but will mostly stick to Taurus colors green and white. They also indulge in pleasures of the flesh, for the pure fun of it! It's important to note that both of these are Fixed signs, and this character will be stubborn and set in their ways, preferring to do things the way they like them!

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Career

When it comes to their careers, money will take a priority- directing their choice of profession. Taurus rules the Midheaven, so financial security comes before anything else. This person may be in charge of prominent financial institutes or be the CFO of big companies. They may also be hoteliers and deal with real estate or rural properties, becoming great chefs. Capricorn rules the 6th House of everyday work, so these people will be exceptionally organized, structured, and probably lead or are the head of the business they are involved in.


Both Bernard (Bernie) Madoff and Dominique Strauss-Kahn have this combination. Bernard Madoff was an American businessman involved in finance and was non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market. He was involved in the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, defrauding people of around $65 billion. He had a Leo Rising, Taurus Sun, Taurus Midheaven, and Taurus Moon – he was ALL Taurus with Leo flair. Dominique-Strauss Kahn is a French politician who was the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and was involved in financial scandals. He is a Taurus with a Leo Rising but has an Aries Midheaven and Moon (so Mars comes into play here!)

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Health

As far as health is concerned, Capricorn rules the 6th House of health, so dental hygiene is of the utmost importance, taking care of the skin and eating enough food rich with calcium and magnesium for healthy bones. It will be essential to concentrate on exercises that stretch the joints and knees, and they must always be warmed up before exercise. There will be a love of delicious food – so weight gain around the midsection may occur if not observed.

Taurus Sun Leo Rising Love


In matters of the heart, this person will attract Aquarians (as Aquarius rules the 7th House of Love and relationships) and will attract Leos, Sagittarians, Scorpio, and Aries will make both good friends/lovers. Capricorns and other Taureans will make a good match, as well as certain Virgos. Gemini and Libra will make good partners, while Pisces may be a bit too sensitive for this match. However, if there are many Aries placements in their chart, it will make for a better match. 

How Taurus Sun Leo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Leo Ascendant, this person needs to wake up feeling happy and in good spirits! First, they need to get a good night's rest and then, first thing in the morning, spend at least 15 minutes in the Sun while they water their gardens or walk briskly while feeling the sunshine's rays. Afterward, they should take a relaxing shower, pour aromatic body wash to create a frothy lather, and grab a cup of coffee while on their way to work. Then, they'll be ready to start the day feeling good, and in turn, attract fortuitous events for the day!

Famous Taurus Sun Leo Rising People


The very magnetic multiple Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson has this combination and the stunning actress Jessica Lange. The brilliant and distinguished actor Al Pacino has this combination and the very beautiful, sensual, and gorgeous actress/entrepreneur Jessica Alba. She is the founder and CEO of The Honest Co., a natural baby and beauty company that makes products that are both good for you and the environment (a very Taurus-themed company). Grammy award-winning singer Lizzo also has this combination, and she created a sensation around body positivity, making voluptuous bodies look beautiful.


Facts about Taurus

Birthday: 19th April - 20th May

Ruling planet: Venus

Gender: Female

Element: Earth

Temperament: Melancholic

Type:  The self-reliant stable rock

Physical correspondence: Throat, sinuses, neck, ears, vocal cords, thyroid, tonsils

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