Gemini Sun Taurus Rising - The Stable Communicator

This is the most self-sufficient Gemini of all, the most stable Gemini
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Gemini Sun Taurus Rising
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Here, Venus and Mercury dance together, mixing everything that is poetic, swift and communicative about Gemini into one ball of sensual, down-to-Earth, and practical energy that is extremely self-sufficient and solid. It is a Gemini that appreciates everything sensual life has to offer, and the perfect mix of Masculine (Gemini) and Feminine (Taurus) energy, toning down the extroverted nature of Gemini and bringing out the introverted nature of Taurus, more into the public eye.

In Greek Mythology, Venus (ruler of Taurus) is Aphrodite and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is Hermes.  Aphrodite is Hermes’ Great Aunt, and Hermes seduced Aphrodite with the help of his father Zeus (Jupiter), and together they had the child Hermaphroditus. This is why both sexes of this Gemini personality can easily display characteristics (and sometimes the appearance) of both males and females. In a way Taurus Rising really takes care of the Gemini Sun personality, as Gemini can be scattered and all over the place, yet the Taurus Rising grounds this person enormously and helps them apply everything that is in their mind to practical solutions.


How to Recognize Gemini Sun Taurus Rising

This Gemini with a Taurus Ascendant may literally carry a bit more weight than other Geminis, especially around the stomach area. They may have a round face with thick lips, and a neck that is either elegant or short and thick.

Gemini Sun Taurus Rising Career 

When it comes to career, this person will have Aquarius as the Midheaven and Libra as ruler of the 6th House of every day work. They may work in technology as a graphic designer, or even be involved in assisting people with “make-overs,” either of themselves (with regards to inner and outer goals) or even their properties and homes. They may be involved in law, or even be a marriage counsellor. They may also be writers of romance literature, or even singers. It is very possible that they may use the assistance of friends to boost their career. Whatever they do, there must be a balance between their work and social life for them to get the most satisfaction out of their careers.

Gemini Sun Taurus Rising Health 


As far as health is concerned, Libra rules the 6th House of health, so kidneys must always be considered. It will be important for this person not to drink too much alcohol, or allow too many toxins into their body. It’s important for them to drink herbal teas and drink a lot of water throughout the day to flush as much toxins out as possible. With a Taurus Rising, this Gemini will love the good life and will love overindulging in good food, so this must be paid attention to.

Gemini Sun Taurus Rising Love

In matters of the heart, other Geminis and Taureans will appeal to this person, as well as Aquarians and Librans, especially, who share a Venus ruling with Taurus. Scorpio rules their 7th House of love, marriage, and relationships, so this person will be attracted to “dark and mysterious” types, or “bad boy/bad girl” energy types. They will get along well with Aries and Cancer, as well as Pisces. Capricorns and Virgos may also find this person interesting. There may be a bit of head butting with Leos as they are a Fixed sign just like Taurus, and Sagittarians may want something else, as they really love to roam around, while a Gemini with a Taurus Rising is more the domesticated kind of Gemini.

How Gemini Sun Taurus Rising Should Start the Day 


Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Taurus rising, this person needs to take their time waking up. It is a good idea for them to stay in bed an extra half hour and read their favorite book with a nice cup of tea, then begin the day with a warm shower and a delicious and hearty breakfast. It’s good for them to ground themselves outside by walking barefoot on the grass and feeling the Earth beneath their feet, as this will energize them. They should then begin working, surrounded by more tea and other beverages, as well as their favorite snacks.

Famous Taurus Rising Gemini Sun People

Boy George is a famous Irish singer with this combination who rose to fame in the ‘80s with the hits Karma Chameleon and Do You Really Want to Hurt Me. British-Indian novelist Salman Rushdie was born with this combination. Tony Hadley was the English lead singer of the ‘80s New Romantic band Spandau Ballet, and is a radio presenter, and has this combination. Azealia Banks is an American singer, rapper and lyricist from Harlem, New York, with this combination as well.


Facts about Gemini

Birthday:  21st May - 20th June

Ruling planet:  Mercury

Gender:  Male

Element : Air

Temperament : Sanguine

Type :  The communicator

Physical correspondence : Hands, arms, shoulders, lungs

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