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Virgo Sun Gemini Rising

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Virgo Sun Gemini Rising
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Virgo Sun Gemini Rising

In this interesting combination, Persephone and Demeter hold hands with Hermes. These are all Greek gods in mythology to do with Virgo and Gemini, respectively. This is a Virgo who thinks and moves swiftly. However, Mercury’s double energy here makes this Virgo super anxious at times, with a sensitive nervous system.  


Virgo is an introverted, Mutable Earth Sign, while Gemini is an extroverted Mutable Air Sign. Due to their shared Modality (Mutable) and planet (Mercury), they are closely linked and similar. However, Virgo is much shyer than a Gemini, who loves to talk and communicate. This is an interesting combination, indeed!  

Gemini Rising also gives this Virgo a “naughty/dangerous” edge where they come across as quite tough and playful, as you will see by the celebrities below who are Virgo Sun Gemini Ascendants.

How to Recognize Virgo Sun Gemini Rising

A Virgo Sun Gemini Ascendant often has dark hair and an intense look to their eyes. They are of average height, with the females often shorter than 5”8/1,73m. They can be very beautiful with delicate features to their face.

They move around fast and like to observe and listen more than your average Gemini. They will be dressed in edgy clothes – leather jackets, torn jeans, and well-crafted boots when they go out at night. Otherwise, they will usually dress in brown, green, blue, orange, and yellow shades. They like functional clothes that look good but are not over the top in design.


This sort of Virgo may enjoy driving around in fast and flashy cars! They will also, most likely, have many bookshelves at home covered in books on the most interesting topics. Their hands may also stand out as an attractive feature.  

Virgo Sun Gemini Rising Career

A Virgo Sun Gemini Ascendant is often very good with words and may be an exquisite writer, always a perfectionist in their craft. Pisces rule their career, while Scorpios rule their everyday work so they may be artists of all kinds. Some may dabble in creating trendy fashion and are even beauticians who focus on manicures and nail art. Some may even be mechanical engineers or work as car salesmen. 

Since health is always their main concern, they could be vegan or vegetarian chefs. With that strong Pisces influence, they also make marvelous veterinarians working with small domestic pets and wildlife in nature.

Scorpios rule their everyday work, so they are very intense about what they do, and there needs to be a certain routine or pattern to their work. They make great private investigators and psychiatrists as well. They could also write books centered around horror stories. This combination also makes good songwriters, singers, and musicians.


Virgo Sun Gemini Rising Health

With Scorpio ruling their 6th House of health, this Virgo needs to be very careful of contracting STDs. They always need to play it safe when getting intimate with someone. They also need to be careful of developing hemorrhoids – so they should eat certain fibers – such as cucumbers, so they don’t suffer too much from constipation.

A Virgo Sun Gemini Ascendant should drink a lot of water and steer clear of too much coffee, as it will affect their nerves too much and may cause them to be too high-strung and overactive. With a double Mercurial influence, this combination can suffer badly with OCD and other mental illnesses, such as mania – if their Mercury or Sun, in their chart, squares Mars.

It’s important for this combination to carry around hand cream and do breath work – so Hatha yoga is advised. They can also suffer from digestive issues and need to space meals instead of eating one thing on top of the other.    

Virgo Sun Gemini Rising Love

Sagittarius rules their 7th House of love, marriage, and relationships and makes a great match (and is also part of the Mutable Modality)! A Sagittarian will broaden the mind of this Virgo and make them see that sometimes life doesn’t have to be observed under a tiny microscope, and it’s better to view things from an “eagle’s eye” point of view. A Sagittarian can also bring a lot of excitement to this combination, were traveling the world will be on the itinerary.


Taurus is a great match here that also makes for a great friendship. Capricorns and Scorpios work; however, this kind of Virgo may find Capricorns too controlling and Scorpios too intense. Pisces works well and also falls under the Mutable Modality.
Aquarians and librarians can work here, as well as Aries and Leos. Cancerians will protect and nurture this Virgo and provide great friendship. Fellow Virgos and Geminis also work, where great conversations will be had – especially with other Geminis. 

How Virgo Sun Gemini Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo Sun Gemini Ascendant, this person needs to do things in the morning that gets their mind working. It is always good to light some candles and say a gratitude prayer. Afterward, they should spend some time with their pets and quickly answer any texts or emails sent to them while they are sleeping.

Just one cup of coffee, for the day, in the morning will stimulate their senses and get them buzzing. They enjoy this, as they like to move around quickly. They should enjoy a 30-minute workout, a delicious breakfast, a warm shower, and then get ready for the day ahead.


Before leaving the door for work, they should look in the mirror and say some positive affirmations for self-love!

Famous Virgo Sun Gemini Rising People

The list of celebrities who are Virgo Sun Gemini Ascendant includes “bad boy” actors Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen, and Armie Hammer. Also, the late, hugely talented singer, Amy Winehouse, who was taken away from us at far too young (27), was a Virgo Sun Gemini Rising.

Academy-Award-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones also makes this list, as well as fantasy and horror director Tim Burton of hits such as Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow. The intensely private late Swedish-born American actress Greta Garbo had this combination and is famously quoted as saying, “I want to be let alone.” Actress and author Rose McGowan was also born with this combination.


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