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Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

A Virgo Sun Pisces Ascendant Often Has Delicate Features
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Virgo Sun Pisces Rising
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In this combination, Mercury and Neptune hold hands. It is quite an interesting combination, as in Greek mythology, Mercury is Hermes, the god of communication, and Neptune is Poseidon, the god of the ocean. Put the two together and what do you get? You get the biggest part of the world (the ocean) moving the fastest (Hermes) and affecting everyone.

That is why it has been proven in Astrology that Virgo placements, when making aspects to Pisces placements, often create genius. This can be genius in music (as with the case of Michael Jackson) or any other career. It creates people who can do amazing things and touch the masses – everyone will know about them.


Virgo and Pisces may Oppose one another on the Zodiac wheel but they are actually quite similar. Both Virgo and Pisces are feminine Mutable signs. The difference lies in their Elements, Virgo is Earth while Pisces is Water. Both are painfully shy, yet both secretly wish they had each other’s qualities.

One big example is order and chaos. Virgo is about perfection, and everything being in its place, while Pisces can be chaotic, living in a mess and not even realizing it. Virgo wishes they could loosen up more while Pisces wishes they could be neater and more orderly.

Virgo represents health and using medicine to treat illness. Pisces believes in natural remedies. Virgo represents small domestic animals while Pisces represents large animals. Virgo is also Ceres, goddess of agriculture. Ceres in your Natal Chart represents things that heal, nurture and comfort you.

How to Recognize Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

A Virgo Sun Pisces Ascendant often has delicate features – beautiful almond shaped eyes and an oval or heart shaped face. They often have dark hair and dark eyes. They dress well – never too formal, yet never too over the top, unless they are performing on stage. They are medium to tall in height.


Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Career

As stated before, a person with this combination can really affect the masses and be a genius and master of their profession. They are often great artists with immense creative talent. They also may find themselves in the health profession or out in nature working with animals.

Sagittarius rules their 10th house of career, while Leo rules their 6th house of every day work, so they may work with children (Leo rules children). They may be amazing teachers as well as writers and authors. They may be involved in online publishing. This person is good at promoting themselves on Instagram and other forms of social media. The spotlight is often on them, even though they really try to protect their privacy. Virgos are the hardest workers in the zodiac, but their Pisces Ascendant will make them a little more laid-back. They will feel they have a huge mission to serve and fulfill in their lifetime.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Health

There may be problems with indigestion and feet may suffer many injuries, so its best to always wear comfortable shoes and warm up feet and ankles before working out. Leo rules their 6th house of health, so there may be cardiovascular problems down the line if not taken care of.


Therefore, it is important to do cardio workouts and eat heart healthy food. They may get bored doing the same workout every day, so they need to be creative and mix it up in between days.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Love

A Virgo Sun Pisces Ascendant needs someone to pull them out of their introverted ways but not someone too manic and excitable. Capricorns, Taureans, Scorpios and Cancerians make fantastic partners. Leo and Librans make wonderful friends.

Aries is a bit too loud and impulsive for this Virgo and Sagittarians may be a bit too adventurous for their liking but they will have things in common with them. They may have things in common with Geminis. Aquarians are too emotionally detached for this combination. Virgos and Pisces work well.

How Virgo Sun Pisces Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Pisces rising this person needs to feel good with the world and themselves when they wake up. They need to stretch and say a meditation that connects them to the energy of the Sun and the world. They should then say a gratitude prayer. They should then have some herbal tea with lemon to detox their body, eat a nice healthy breakfast do a yoga workout and have a beautiful warm shower. Coffee is not ideal for their nervous systems, so another cup of herbal tea is good and they should then begin the work day.

Famous Virgo Sun Pisces Rising People

One of the most famous and eccentric people of all time, Michael Jackson makes this list. Talk show host Jimmy Fallon has this combination, as well Dr. Phil and the late American politician and naval officer John McCain. Fritz Künzel also makes this list. He was a German psychologist and doctor and published a few famous literary works.




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