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Aries Sun Cancer Rising

The Empathetic Leader: Aries Sun Cancer Rising is a leader that nurtures those that follow them
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Aries Sun Cancer Rising
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Aries Sun Cancer Rising

The Aries Sun-Cancer, Rising person, leads with an open heart, is nurturing, and takes care of those who look to them for guidance. But there is a conundrum- Brave Aries (ruled by Mars/Ares) loves charging forward, and Cancer (ruled by the Moon/Artemis) likes to retreat and make sure that they, and everyone they love, are protected. According to Greek mythos, Artemis and Ares were siblings. Artemis wanted to hunt, taking his time before the ultimate kill; Ares immediately and rashly sprung into battle.


Aries and Cancer are similar in that they are Cardinal signs. They are both initiators and not afraid to make things happen. However, Cancer is not always as comfortable as Aries is with confrontation- hardly ever. Remember, the Moon only comes out in the darkness of night and at a time when things are hidden.

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How to Recognize an Aries Sun/Cancer Rising

Someone with an Aries Sun and Cancer Ascendant may experience a lot of moodiness as part of their personality- something they may not be able to control. This combination is one of the more sensitive Aries characters. They may have a round face with big bright eyes and gentle energy on the exterior. They also may be of a more prominent status, even if they are in perfect shape- women will most likely have large breasts, and men will be strong and muscular.

Aries Sun-Cancer Rising Career

On the other hand, When it comes to career, Aries rules the Midheaven, so whatever they are involved with, they either need to work independently, or be in charge – they don't like being told what to do, and may even act out against it. Sagittarius rules the 6th House of everyday work so they may be involved in teaching or training as well as the world of publishing. They may also work with large animals such as horses.


Aries Sun-Cancer Rising Health

As far as health is concerned, with Sagittarius ruling the 6th House of health, these people must be wary of overindulgence. It is easy for this person to gain weight – however, Sun in Aries generally enjoys a lot of exercise. Therefore, there should be a lot of emphasis on the hip and thigh area when weight training and exercising.

Aries Sun-Cancer Rising Love

Where love matters, an Aries with a Cancer Ascendant will attract Capricorns (as it rules their 7th House of relationships), as well as fellow Aries, Leos, Scorpios, Pisces, Cancers, Geminis, and Libras. Taureans and Virgos may fit well too. However, Aquarians and Sagittarians may feel that these Aries people may be a bit too needy for their liking.


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How Aries Sun-Cancer Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Cancer Rising, this person needs to wake up slowly, listen to their body's rhythm, and do their own thing. First, it will be good to lie in bed and do a positive affirmation meditation, then drink some herbal tea or water with lemon, eat a nice breakfast, do some aqua aerobic exercise to help energize themselves for the day and begin work with snacks like dried fruit and nuts packed away in their bag or pockets.

Famous Aries Sun-Cancer Rising People

Works can be found by renowned Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh as he painted some of the most recognizable paintings, including The Starry Night. He was known for bouts of depression, but was a brilliant, and creative talent. Ex Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (A.K.A Posh Spice), actresses Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, and brilliant musician Pharrell Williams all have this combination.


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