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Aries Sun Sagittarius Rising

The Freedom Fighter: Aries Sun Sagittarius Rising Fights for Freedom and Injustices in This World. They Are the Philosophical Aries.
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Aries Sun Sagittarius Rising
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Aries Sun-Sagittarius Rising

This makes for an explosive combination. You have two potent players here – Zeus (Jupiter – Sagittarius), ruler of the gods, and his son Ares (Mars), god of war. This is an assertive Aries with a strong conscience. Zeus sees the bigger picture, sitting upon his throne in the sky, looking down on everyone and getting an eagle’s eye view. He imagines dreams and goals he wants to pursue, while Ares takes action upon those dreams and makes them happen.


This character will be determined entirely by what they desire to do in this life, welcoming challenge after challenge. They are pioneers and completely independent! Sagittarius usually brings luck with it, and this person will attract fame and fortune if that’s what they desire. This person will also be the type that makes dreams come true for others.

It will be necessary for this person to do meditation exercises where they see a vision of themselves in the “future” and create their perfect life in their mind to follow through. Vision boards will significantly benefit them to see the ideal life they want to create tangibly every day.

How to Recognize Aries-Sun Sagittarius Rising 

An Aries with a Sagittarius Ascendant may have long hair with tinges of red in it. It's possible, and a common trait shared among Sagittarius rising people, that the hips and thighs will be large (larger in comparison to the rest of the body). Remember – Sagittarius is represented by Chiron, the Centaur, half horse, and half man, and it shows in the body. They may also gain weight very quickly – remember, Jupiter is the largest body in the Solar System and has no boundaries. However, their Aries Sun will keep a careful watch on this, making sure to exercise when necessary to balance the weight.


Aries Sun-Sagittarius Rising Career 

As far as career is concerned, Virgo rules the Midheaven (10th House), so there will be a lot of hard work applied in this person’s life- they will be a perfectionist to the very end! Taurus rules the 6th House of everyday work, so this person will be highly self-sufficient and attract opportunities to make lots of money for themselves. Taurus also indicates a good singing voice, and they may become musicians. Real estate is in their blood, accounting, the medical world, working with animals (both big and small), and publishing to the masses.

Aries Sun-Sagittarius Rising Health

When it comes to health, Taurus rules the 6th House of health, so this person needs to watch out for illnesses such as tonsillitis and lymph nodes in the neck, a stiff neck, and throat infections. As a Sagittarius rising, together with Taurus in the 6th House, there will be a love of overindulgence of good food that needs to be monitored. As a result, there could be weight gain on the stomach.


Aries Sun-Sagittarius Rising Love

In matters of the heart, the Fire and Air Signs will fit best with a person who has this combination. There will be an extraordinary meeting of minds with fellow Sagittarians and Aries, with many physical attractions, especially for other Aries people. Gemini rules the 7th House of relationships and will intrigue the person with this combination. Aquarians and Librans will fit well too. Scorpios, Pisces, and Taurus will make good friends, but Cancerians may be too clingy for this highly independent person.

How Aries Sun-Sagittarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so this person needs to manifest in the morning with a Sagittarius Ascendant. Next, they need to listen to their “Tony Robbins” or other personal growth gurus’ podcasts, watch inspiring TED talks to keep their spirits uplifted for the day, and visualization through meditation will help as well. Finally, it will be essential to hit the gym to work on their hips, thighs, and stomach areas, giving them energy for the rest of the day!


Famous Aries-Sun Sagittarius Rising People

Sir Elton John has this combination and is known for being one of the most excellent musicians who ever existed, having won numerous Grammy awards and played worldwide, with a devoted fan base of millions. Queen Elizabeth II even knighted him in 1998. Singer Norah Jones also has this combination and won 5 Grammys in 2003 for her 2002 album Come Away with Me. Humanistic astrologer, author, and pioneer of modern transpersonal astrology Dane Rudhyar had this combination, and famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Dame Jane Goodall has this combination and has devoted her life to studying chimpanzees. The late Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote stories such as “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Little Mermaid,” had this combination. The late brilliant actor and film director Marlon Brando also had this combination.


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