Zodiac Sign Gemini | photo: (c)  Юрий Красильников - stock.adobe.com

Zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini are eager to learn, read and be educated
Zodiac Sign Gemini | photo: (c)  Юрий Красильников - stock.adobe.com

Zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini are eager to learn, read and be educated

Facts about Gemini

Birthday: 22nd May - 21st June

Ruling planet: Mercury

Gender: Male

Element: Air

Temperament: Sanguine

Type: The intellectual, the dualistic human

Physical correspondence: Joints, shoulders, arms, hands, brain, tongue, lungs

Zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini (Symbol: ♊), as the other two air signs ( Libra, Aquarius) Gemini are the fastest in thinking as well as in action. Gemini can be counted among the most tolerant people in the whole zodiac. If there are no disturbances, they are also among the most open and sincere companions.

They like direct behavior and will tell the truth straight away, which, of course, can often be inappropriate. Gemini-born are people who find contacts very quickly. But they do not go too far. Often they can please people through original words and get tired companies in motion. But if those involved do not want to take part in the game, they can get angry, grumpy, intolerant and even vicious.

However, the zodiac Gemini rarely show their negative qualities in society, but rather at home. The cheerful and usually funny Gemini can suddenly become biting, so you think you're dealing with their unknown twin sister or twin brother. Waiting and slow work is an abomination to them. Agile, thinking in significant contexts, they are storms in life. Unlike the other air signs, Gemini people are rather timid persons. They also tend to lability and can sometimes lose their grip. Gemini born are not usually found brooding, but they are rather doubters, and they speak what's in their heart. They are interested in practically everything, and they are always asking questions. Since they love change, they are innovators who not only think and plan but also create something new. They are proud of their cunning.

Positive qualities:

Gemini born people are intellectual, eager to learn, well-read, educated, cosmopolitan, versatile, observant, alert, neat, nimble.

Negative properties:

Gemini born can be nervous, unsteady, restless, torn, dualistic, undecided, groundless, superficial, intrusive, unabashed, scheming, characterless, conceited.

Famous Gemini:

Angelina Jolie, Lilli Palmer, Juliette Greco, Bob Dylan, Boy George, Che Guevara, Clint Eastwood, Colin Farrell, Dante Alighieri, Egon Schiele, Heidi Klum, Marilyn Monroe, Steffi Graf, Francoise Sagan, Rainer Barzel, Kylie Minogue, Anne Frank Thirteenth Dalai Lama, Nancy Sinatra, Joseph Neckermann, Albrecht Durer, Prince Phillip, Cole Porter, Joseph Tito, Richard Wagner, Jean-Paul Sartre, Charles Aznavour

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