Leo Sun Leo Rising

Leo Sun Leo Rising - The Most Powerful Leo

The Queen or King of Leos
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Leo Sun Leo Rising
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What is the Sun? It is the center of the Solar System. It gives life on Earth, for without the Sun shining its beams on our planet offering its generous light and warmth, we would slowly cease to exist. What else is the Sun? It is reliable. It has its job to do every day and we know everyday upon waking the Sun will be there.

The Sun, of course, rules Leo. Leo is also associated with the Lion, the King (or Queen) of the jungle, and yes, anyone born under this sign must be respected, especially if their Ascendant is Leo too.


In Greek mythology, Apollo was one of Zeus’s favorite children. He was the god of music, healing, poetry, prophecy, truth, and the Sun and light of course. He was also known to be one of the most beautiful of all the gods with long golden locks, like a Lion’s mane, and strong muscles.

This combination is a double Fire, Fixed and masculine sign. The person born with this is gregarious, fun, warm, and extremely generous . They are also very proud and confident. They are extremely creative and naturally love children. They also love having a lot of sex for the fun of it!

How to Recognize Leo Sun Leo Rising

They will usually have gorgeous hair. Sometimes their hair will have hints of red, orange and gold in it. It will usually be lush, flowing and long. This person wears regal colors – gold, purple, reds, oranges and yellows. The females will often have long red nails . They always look stunning and immaculate with gorgeous designer clothes, expensive handbags and stunning jewelry.

Whether male or female, they also smell great and are very clean. The spotlight is always on them, so they have to look good . They will usually drive big classic cars or fast sports cars.


Leo Sun Leo Rising Career

The person with this combination has to be a star and shine in the spotlight. The biggest way they validate themselves in this world is by being recognized in the public . Many of them will become famous and will be stars – even if they are simple Instagram stars, as opposed to big artists. Their careers have to focus around creativity and many enjoy careers where they work with children. They may also make wonderful artists; the more creative a career the better.

Taurus rules their 10th House of career, so many will be involved in musical careers (such as Demi Lovato) and will be fantastic singers. They can attract a lot of money in their career and may work in real estate, finance or as chefs in the culinary field.

Capricorn rules their 6th House of every day work, so they are very disciplined, exceptionally ambitious, have an excellent work ethic and will often be leaders and reach the top of their careers and seen as authorities. They are excellent in business and would do well studying something such as an MBA. Careers such as CEOs, COOs and CFOs would suit them well.


Leo Sun Leo Rising Health

This person really needs to make sure to take care of their hearts . It’s important for them to do cardiovascular exercise such as aerobics, Zumba, dancing and running. It’s also important for them to eat heart-healthy food, lots of fruit, vegetables and healthy grains, proteins and fats.

Since Capricorn rules their 6th House of health, they need to make sure to keep up their regular visits to the dentist, moisturize and take good care of their skin, and it is advised for them to take magnesium, calcium and vitamin D for strong bones.

Leo Sun Leo Rising Love

This person is extremely generous in love when it comes to the people they care for the most . They make excellent parents and need partners in their lives that will want to have children with them one day. It is important for this sign to experience the joy of children and be a mother or father.

For this combination, fellow Fire signs make the best matches, as well as Air signs. Aquarius rules their 7th house of love, marriage and relationships, so they are looking for a partner that does not bring too much drama into the relationship . They are looking for a partner to elevate their lifestyle, bring more into their lives and expand their world, and help them reach their goals. They want a social partner who has a lot of friends and will bring more friends into their social circle.


They naturally attract fellow Leos, find Sagittarians exciting and adventurous and Aries helps them challenge themselves . Aquarians are ideal mates bringing a lot of sexual energy into the relationship. Geminis make wonderful, social and talkative partners, while Librans open their generous hearts more to the world of marriage.

They make good friends with Cancers and Virgos. Capricorns are a bit too serious for them, while Taureans can be exceptionally stubborn for their liking. They fall hard for romantic and creative Pisceans but the relationship is unbalanced, as the Leos will always have more power and will eat poor Pisces up for breakfast eventually. There is an attraction to Scorpios but this match up doesn’t always work too well, as both partners want their own way and can be uncompromising to each other’s wishes, wants and needs.    

How Leo Sun Leo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Leo Ascendant, this person needs to wake up refreshed with a lot of creative ideas and feeling good . It’s good for them to wake up with the rising of the sun, get to the gym, and listen to music that will get them into a good mood while pumping iron. Afterwards they should hit the showers, have a breakfast (that varies on a daily basis) and listen to some positive affirmations while on their way to work. It’s also a good idea for them to spend at least 15 minutes in the sunlight before beginning work.


Famous Leo Sun Leo Rising People

American songstress powerhouse and Grammy Award Nominee Demi Lovato has this combination. She has one of the best voices in the business and has collaborated with many other musicians. (Both her Moon and MC are in Taurus lending to a brilliant voice, and a Fixed and determined personality). She is also an actress. The late famous Pop Art artist Andy Warhol was also born with this combination. The late filmmaker Sir Alfred Hitchcock also has this combination. He was known as the “Master of Suspense,” making movies such as 1960’s “Psycho,” 1963’s “The Birds,” and 1940’s “Rebecca.”

Actors Matthew Perry (“Friends”) and Gillian Anderson both have this combination. British Astrologer and psychic Mystic Meg also has this combination. Ex-professional wrestler Hulk Hogan was also born with this combination. The late French composer Claude Debussy is included in this list.  “Claire de Lune” is one of his very famous compositions. Funnyman Steve Martin was also born with this combination.

‘80s and ‘90s Supermodel Stephanie Seymour also has this combination. The late French writer Alexandre Dumas had this combination. “American Horror Story” actress Taissa Farmiga (sister of Horror Queen Vera Farmiga - Leo Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Scorpio Moon, Libra MC) has this combination, as well as the late “Bond” and “Avengers” actress Honor Blackman


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